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Magnolia Wireless is Taking it to a New Level!  Our company has been recently acquired by Waller Wireless, a family owned Broadband company from North Mississippi with ties to our local community.  We are excited about the new opportunities that this deal will bring to our area and the expanded services that we will now be able to offer to not only new but our current subscribers as well.   "Click here" to read an article written by Linda Cranford and published by "The Impact" on July 24, 2013 concerning the recent acquisition of our company.  

Magnolia Wireless, Inc. has a passion for delivering top quality high speed internet services to the unserved and underserved households in the Pine Belt and surrounding areas.  Check out our "Services Page" for information about a limited time  "
INSTALLATION PROMO" lowering the upfront cost of our services.   

For those of you that are still inquiring about who we are...  Magnolia Wireless is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) located in Laurel, MS offering high speed internet to people living in rural areas where most cable and dsl companies do not go or either offer sub-par service due to the limitations of older technology.  The broadband packages that we offer our customers if compared to Satellite and even Cellular companies is more "bang for your buck" than anything being offered in our area today.  Also, due to the recent acquisition of our company we are doing some major upgrades to our current infrastructure that will even more streamline our services to all our customers but especially to subscribers that want to take advantage of Gaming and Entertainment services.         

We currently have 12 broadcast sites surrounding Laurel that provide service to the following areas:  Calhoun, Big Creek, Soso, Gitano, Moss, Stringer, Bay Springs, Lower Heidelberg, Sandersville,  Errata Community, Bogue Homa Community, Jeff Byrd / Poole Creek Community, Pleasant Grove / Altiar  Community (Hwy. 84 East area), Myrick Community, Strengthford / Bankston Community, Tucker's Crossing Community (Antioch / George Boutwell areas), Ellisville (Pecan Grove / Johnson  / Oak Grove Communities & Parts of Moselle), Pleasant Ridge Community and we are not done yet.

We are looking at expanding our coverage area in the immediate future to include the city of Waynesboro and the town of Clara along with their surrounding areas.  We will also be following right behind with coverage in Smith, Covington and Clarke counties.

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions... we have a solution for you.

1. Do you live in an area where there is no dsl/cable option provided?
2. Are you tired of losing your service during heavy cloud cover conditions?
3. Does your current provider charge you extra for exceeding their monthly or daily data cap?
4. Is your current provider requiring you to pay for phone service in order to get internet service?

If you can answer yes to any or all of the above questions, we can help!

Imagine fast download speeds, no daily or monthly cap overage charges, service uninterrupted by heavy cloud cover, and of course... you are not required to pay for a service you don't want (ex: phone line) just to get the service you do.

Check out our "Services Offered" Page to see our Monthly Plans and any special "promo's"  we currently have available.

Also come back and see our updated "Coverage Map" page to see if our service is available in your area.

For any additional information concerning our company or the services we offer, please see our contact information below.

 Magnolia Wireless, Inc.

 4125 Hwy. 15 North STE #: 3
 Laurel, MS 39440 

Office: 601.425.2200  Support: 601.335.2200
 Email: staff@magnolia-wireless.com

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